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Golden Ticket

What is a Golden Ticket?

Be Chill Edibles is including a Golden Ticket in select bags of Juicies gummies and Classics hard candy. If you purchase a bag that has a Golden Ticket inside, you are a Winner!

Purchase a bag of Juicies Gummies or Classics Candy from Be Chill Edibles (Medical or Recreational doses). If you find a Golden Ticket in your bag, You Are A Winner!

We have 10 prize packages that include an Ooze backpack, Be Chill Edibles hooded sweatshirt, Be Chill Edibles T-shirt, mug, grinder, pipe, lighter, coupons for $0.01 pre-roll, BOGO $0.1 Edible, 25% Off cart or wax.

There can only be one winner of a prize package per household. But we won’t let you leave empty handed!


Prize Packages

Be Chill Edibles Golden Ticket

Claim Your Prize

Congratulations on winning a Be Chill Edibles Golden Ticket!

To claim your prize, please bring the following to Verve Health Shop, 2 Marietta Ct, Suite B, Edgewood, NM 87035.

  1. Your winning Golden Ticket.
  2. The package that contained your Golden Ticket.
  3. Government Issued ID to verify age. For patients under the age of 21, please also bring your Medical ID.

If you are not able to get to Verve Health Shop in Edgewood to claim your prize, please email for directions.

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